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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Discover the Complexities of Human Nature


Welcome to the exciting world of human behavior! San Jac offers a range of courses in Social and Behavioral Sciences designed to help students develop an understanding of human nature, social structures, and cultures. Gain the critical thinking and analytical skills to succeed in a variety of fields. 


Find a program that fits your needs.
Two-year/associate degree to jump-start a career rather than move on to a university
Courses or two-year/associate degree that can apply toward a university degree
Fast-track award for entry-level work and credit toward a two-year/associate degree
Non-credit courses for career advancement or lifelong learning


Making History

Recording history allows us to maintain the stories that helped shape the world we live in. These stories add up to paint a picture of how we see the world.
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Recording history is great. It’s important to remember the past and make that connection with the past.”
Luis Reyes
History Professor at San Jacinto College
Ross Kelsey and Luis Reyes resurrected San Jac’s Veterans Oral History Project and submitted recordings to the U.S. Library of Congress, allowing veterans’ stories to live on.

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