Brand Standards

Brand Standards

Our goal at San Jacinto College is to empower students to reach their goals — whatever they might be. And our brand standards help our teams and outside partners convey that mission through brand-aligned writing, imagery, and graphic design. Use these brand standards to create content that conveys our positioning, personality, and look accurately and effectively.

Key Elements

From editorial guidelines to imagery requirements to logo usage principles, our brand standards have it all. View our guide to learn more about San Jac’s brand positioning, personality, and look.


Academic Excellence. Low Cost. Educational Options.

What makes San Jac different? Our unwavering commitment to our students. Learn about our messaging architecture that highlights and celebrates this brand positioning.


Supportive. Committed. Innovative.
Our brand personality helps students and partners understand exactly who San Jac is. Explore guidelines for conveying our tone, voice, and audience-first approach.


Connective. Clear. Concise.
Logos, typography, and color schemes help bring our brand promise to life. Find detailed information on creating photography, social media posts, and publications that match San Jac’s look and feel.
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