Moon family carries on legacy of giving

Jan 4, 2024Neesha Hosein
Rose Moon

Rose Moon believes generosity cultivates inspiration for young people to pursue an education by helping to ease their financial burdens.

“We’ve been involved with San Jacinto College for more years than I can count,” Moon said. “My husband wouldn’t have supported San Jac if he didn’t fully believe in its greatness. He believed it was a tremendous asset to the community and reasonably priced for what you get back from the College.”

John H. Moon Sr. came from humble beginnings. Without the means to attend college, he got a job at a hardware store. The store owner became a mentor and encouraged him to go to college, even providing a personal scholarship to support his education.

Moon Sr.’s family instilled in him a strong work ethic, and he was a star student throughout his school years. At 16, he graduated high school. By 21, he had earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with honors in accounting and finance and had passed his certified public accountant exam to become the youngest CPA in Texas history.

Rose Moon was born in northeast Texas and met her husband in Port Neches.

“I’m a Texan through and through — from the era when Bum Phillips was coaching,” she joked. “Two years after I met John, we were married, started a family, and I didn’t have the chance to go to college.”

Moon Sr. passed away in December 2022, just a few months after they celebrated their 64th anniversary. The couple have two sons, John Jr. and Randall, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

“His legacy and accomplishments are hard to live up to,” Moon Jr. said. “He experienced hardships early on, and someone’s generosity gave him the boost he needed to go on to a successful life and career in banking and business.”

Moon and her husband established the John H. Sr. and A. Rose Moon Endowed Scholarship through the San Jacinto College Foundation. She considers the College a first-class institution and a great place for people to pursue their education.

“It is important to focus on the impact these donations have on the students’ lives, not only for a short time but to guide them through their studies until they enter the workforce,” Moon said. “All of my encounters with the people of San Jacinto College have been wonderful.”

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