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Lara Hunyh
Thriving with tuition-free education: Huynh's triumphs, growth as a Promise Scholar

The Promise @ San Jac Scholarship has been changing students' lives through debt-free education since 2021.

One of those many students, Lara Huynh, recently completed her first year as a Promise Scholar and is grateful for the opportunity.

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2023 Promise Scholar numbers
  • % of Seniors Who Pledged: 98% (7,596)
  • % of Pledges Who Applied: 90% (6,822)
  • % of Applicants Who Submitted FAFSA/TASFA: 68% (4,662)
  • % Who Enrolled: 48% (3,280)
  • Current Promise Scholars: 4,538
  • Number of Promise Partners: 234
  • Amount raised by Promise Partners to date: $41,030

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Their own stories

At San Jacinto College, our staff are gleefully overwhelmed with the amount of resources available to our promising students. Our students reap these benefits by gaining early starts on their careers and the ability to choose their own educational paths.