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Hendricks takes helm as coordinator for autonomous vehicle program
Thomas Hendricks has been teaching for San Jacinto College for nearly seven years, first as an adjunct and then as full-time coordinator for the Future Automotive Service Technicians automotive technology program.

Now he's taking on a new role; coordinator for the autonomous vehicle program. This is the first autonomous vehicle technician certificate program in Texas and was created by Nuro, a leading autonomous vehicle company.

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Did You Know?
The one-year autonomous vehicle certificate (39 credit hours) includes:

  • Lectures and in-class demonstrations, along with practice lab skill sets, which will help students train to transition into the workforce
  • The opportunity to work in the automotive field while attending school in the Earn While You Learn program
  • Theory of operation, component identification, and diagnostic procedures, developing the skills to properly diagnose issues and to pass the Automotive Service Excellence exams
  • Hands-on training for real-world experience

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